About Us

We are Trae & Kris Baxter. We opened Kustomz Ink Klothing (K.I.K.), on April Fool's Day of 2004. Our idea was to offer something different than anything else in the custom auto scene: clothing that was simple, to-the-point, and didn't cost a fortune. We hope that in the future the K.I.K. logo becomes synonymous with killer rides, must-see car/truck shows, kick-ass parties, and a kind of fraternity to everyone who wears it.

Due to tax and liability reasons, we decided to become Incorporated in 2010. Self Made Customs, Inc. is the name we chose for obvious reasons: Self Made because we do everything ourselves and Customs because we are involved in the custom auto scene.

To make a long story short, we are not a big company, nor do we make a ton of money doing this. Self Made Customs, Inc. is run by Trae - the guy with the tattoos, and Kris - the chick with the BIG beautiful, uhh, eyes. We are also very lucky to have lots of great friends who help us occasionally at shows...not to mention our 2 perfect (ha!) kids, who have shown much interest in helping dad and mom with the business.

-Trae & :)Kris